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Hello. I’m Mohie , Greater New Haven MATH ONLINE ACADEMY (GNH-MOAcademy) founder, owner & director, your local Online math learning Academy. We help kids in grades 4-12 understand math by teaching the way that makes sense to them. When math makes sense, students leap way ahead – whether they started out far behind and need to CATCH UP or need ENRICHMENT to GET AHEAD in math.  Also, in addition to assisting high school students in exceling in MATH and PHYSICS we also help them succeed and achieve their highest potential on standardized tests such as the SAT, ACT, SSAT, ISEE, high school exit exams, and college placement exams like the AccuPlacer , the MyMathTest, … , or the military ASVAB…..Particularly we specialize in  helping high-achieving students score 5s on their AP Calculus, AP Physics & get above 1500  on the SAT and LEAP-FROG (SKIP) entire Math grades.

Poven Method

Customized Learning Plans

Qualified Caring Teachers


Mohie-Eldin Y. Mohie-Eldin; owner of Greater New Haven Math Online Academy. (GNH-MOAcademy).
Hi, I’m Mohie. I was trained as a Ph.D. physicist at Tufts University and MIT in Boston, MA, but also worked as a commercial software developer for several years. Throughout my career, teaching was always either a primary, secondary, or tertiary activity that I performed and consulted at several academic institutions (universities and schools) in the Boston area and in Connecticut, at a range of academic levels. Currently I am a retired faculty member from Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU) Department of Computer Science, but still teach courses as an adjunct at the University of New Haven (Dept. of Math & Physics) and Quinnipiac University. I have worked with a vast number of students ranging from high school to graduate school in teaching three technical disciplines; Math, Physics, and Computer Science. My experience as an educational professional with over thirty five years of  expertise, that range from consulting at middle & high schools to teaching at high school and university levels, allowed me to acquire creative, innovative, and flexible methods of teaching, because it was clear to me that traditional teaching methods were not addressing the unique needs of all learners. These methods resulted in many students struggled to grasp concepts. faced significant anxiety, or simply lacked the motivation to push their limits.
These observations and a deep-seated belief in the potential of every student made me skilled at making even the most complex of mathematical concepts understandable. As well as helped me develop my teaching strategies that are not only effective, but fun; not only educational, but engaging. At our center we are all supportive and patient; providing consistent encouragement and extra help to all our students. This allows us with my teaching methods to reach both the “strugglers” and the superstars. This has allowed us to create a learning environment where it is cool to be smart and safe to take risks.
That is why I founded Greater New Haven Math Online Academy (GNH-MOAcademy)in 2016. Honestly, only a dedicated teacher understands  the intangible rewards of helping students succeed and grow their life enhancing math skills. Witnessing one’s efforts and support basically CHANGING LIVES THROUGH MATH before ONE’S eyes becomes a life long habit, that is hard to let go of.


Find Out What We Offer To Our Students.

Greater New Haven MATH ONLINE Academy  {GNH-MOAcedemy} is a complete learning center! We offer Math Help, Math Enrichment, Homework Help for Students in Elementary, Middle, High School. We proudly serve all Connecticut communities.

We offer Math Tutoring Services for grades 4-12, including Algebra 1&2, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, AP\Calculus, Test Prep Program for ACT, SAT, SSAT, ISEE, GRE Find out if Greater New Haven MATH ONLINE Academy {GNH-MOAcedemy} is right for your student; email us at support@GNH-MOAcadeny, or Call us at 203-691-9557/203-512-2347 and talk to us about your student’s needs, and schedule a free 30 minute session or leave us a message for a convenient time to call you back. Also visit our Contact Form

We know how to teach students math.

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your student how to understand math in an individual one-on-one online setting – our unique approach enables us to effectively explain math concepts and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps all our students thrive and learn! AS WELL AS OVERCOME (IF NEEDED) HOMEWORK FRUSTRATION!

Learning Anywhere

As a leading Math authority we offer live instruction through any connected computer. Unlike “online” programs that offer automated drills and games. Our program is true, face-to-face learning with expert instructors and customized learning plans, which strengthens our student’s math and critical thinking skills and give them the confidence to succeed — from the comfort of their own home.

We pinpoint our student’s learning needs, meet them where they are, and take them where they need to go.

We use our unique assessment process to determine (with great accuracy) exactly what each student knows and what they need to learn. Next, we design a customized learning plan for teaching the concepts the student needs to master. It doesn’t stop there – our encouraging instructors continually check progress along the way to make sure students truly understand and retain the concepts we’ve taught. The results are transformative – students will see measurable changes in attitude, confidence, and school progress

How Our Method Works

Our method consists of FOUR KEY COMPONENTS which are closely monitored and adjusted to address each students’s learning goals:

[1] COMPLIMENTARY PARENT CONSULTATION: It is very important that we understand your child’s needs and goals, when it comes to math but also other learning related aspects, to be able to personalize our approach to give your child maximum results in minimum time.

[2] COMPLIMENTARY 1-HOUR ‘GNH-MOACADEMY’ SESSION & ASSESSMENT: We will work with your student for 1 hour free of charge. We will also begin with a comprehensive evaluation of the Student’s current math skills and understanding. This customized assessment pinpoints their needs, allowing us to meet them where they are and take them where they need to go. These assessments help create a PERSONALIZED  LEARNING PLAN, ALIGNED with the student’s goals and school  curriculum. The CUSTOMIZED LEARNING PLAN helps in teaching the concepts the student needs to master, where we use a combination of proprietary materials and instruction techniques to ensure your student masters these concepts.

[3] REVIEW & REFINE: Once we agree that it is a good fit, we will schedule  ongoing weekly sessions. Our specially trained Instructors will regularly review progress and reassess the student’s understanding. Adjust the learning plan as necessary to address areas of ongoing difficulty. Use past quizzes, tests and exams to identify recurring issues and  work on them. Assign homework as needed, to instill concept understanding & mastery.

[4] CONFIDENCE & CONTINUITY: We build confidence by celebrating improvements and achievements, however small. We reinforce the idea that persistence leads to progress. We keep the learning consistent and maintain a positive , supportive learning environment that accelerates students’ progress.   

OUR ACADEMY’S PROGRAM: provides the foundation and support to succeed at EACH STAGE:

ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Building math foundation, mastering computation and problem solving with whole and rational numbers, and understanding number sense

MIDDLE SCHOOL: Continuing to build strong math foundation, mastering “the how and why” (algebra readiness), helping with homework, and filling in gaps needed for advanced classes

HIGH SCHOOL: Filling in foundational gaps, addressing different levels of knowledge, helping with test preparation, and assisting with homework


We Will Help Your Elementary or Middle School Student Develop


We will develop math understanding through our proprietary material and multi-step interactive instruction techniques.


Our goal is to accelerate your child’s confidence. So that they know immediately how to solve a math problem that is put in front of them 

We Will Help Your High School Student Develop


We develop deep understanding through interactive style and our 4-step teaching method. Your high school student will learn how the concepts work but also why they work and how to use them. We not only answer all your student’s questions but also address many commonly asked ones-in case your student is reluctant to ask.


Our goal is to skyrocket your student’s math confidence, given the increasingly advanced math courses they will be exposed to in successive order during high school. 

Our interactive approach and proven methodology helps students overcome fear of math and seamlessly increase their confidence and independence during every session


Math is not about plugging in numbers and memorizing formulas, especially at this stage.  Its about using math tools, more abstract and visual thinking, and analyzing connections between elements in mathematical problems, in order to solve them.  Through math we will develop your high school student’s critical thinking and will teach them how to break down problems in to their components.


Please check out our MATH PROGRAMS for Elementary , Middle and High school students introduced in detail below with links to checkups for your student(s.) & our TEST PREP PROGRAM.


[1] Academy Monthly Enrollment Option

[2] Academy Hour-Block Option

Our goal is to enhance your student’s math skills, understanding of math concepts, and overall school performance. At the same time, we build confidence and help families see measurable progress. Our year-round program provides consistency and flexibility:
-Flexible Online true, face-to-face learning attendance as well as Group (2-4 students) online sessions.
-Year-round program with flexible monthly enrollment option that can start at any time for a fixed number of sessions per month that must be utilized each month but can be cancelled at the end of each month.
-Year-round program with Hour-Block option (grouped number of) sessions which can be utilized in a 3-month period without the monthly time restriction.
Along with working through their customized learning plans, our Academy students receive homework help to solidify their understanding of concepts that are being covered in their current classwork.

[3] Academy Private Tutoring Option

We also provide Private Tutoring option for any student. Although we work with some of our students in a group capacity but most of our students in face-to-face, one-to-one capacity and within either a “Monthly (4-week) Enrollment” option or a “Hour-Block” option as explained above,  in our Private Tutoring option our trained instructors will work one-on-one with any student to provide focused and personalized guidance and instruction for a single session  at a time mutually agreeable to the student and our instructors.

We’ll be happy to discuss this option for you and provide a recommendation for how to best help your student. Please contact us: email [email protected], [email protected], or call us at 203-691-9557, or text us at 203-512-2347  if you think that private tutoring is right for your student.

Our most economical hourly rate is the Monthly Enrollment Option followed by our Block-Hour Option rate and culminating with the Private Tutoring Option rate. 

[4] Academy Summer Program Option

When students are away from school in the summer they experience what is called, the “SUMMER SLIDE,” which is the loss of knowledge over summer vacation. This Learning loss during the summer months has a cumulative effect, leading many students to lose up to two and a half months of math knowledge.**

In fact, SUMMER LEARNING LOSS in school has been linked to consequences in later academic life, affecting whether students drop out of high school and whether they attend college.***

**Check what the Harvard Graduate School of Education says on “SUMMER MATH LOSS”:


**For more information on the SUMMER SLIDE you can read this study from the Rand Corporation: https://www.rand.org/news/press/2011/06/13.html

***Check what the Brookings institute says on “Is SUMMER LEARNING LOSS real, and does it widen test score gaps by family income?”:


*** For more information on SUMMER LEARNING LOSS, please read the following from the Brookings Institute :


***See what the NWEA {NorthWest Evaluation Association 🔎} say on SUMMER LEARNING LOSS: What We Know and What We’re Learning


🔎The NWEA, or Northwest Evaluation Association, is a not-for-profit organization that creates academic assessments for students from pre-K to 12th grade. NWEA assessments are used by over 9,500 schools and districts in 145 countries. They are known for the MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) tests, which are used to measure achievement and growth in subjects like math, reading, and language use. These assessments help educators understand students’ academic levels and inform instructional strategies.  These tests are given multiple times throughout a school year to measure students’ growth in a variety of subjects.

If you’d like to know more about how the MAP tests work or how they’re used in schools? Go to



With school work at a standstill, summer is the perfect time to catch up or get ahead! We will help your student keep math skills fresh, get a head start on next year’s material, and improve math with either [A] CUSTOMIZED SUMMER PROGRAMS; that allows them to jump-start next year’s math class  OR [B] POWER MATH SUMMER PROGRAMS; that allows students to review previous year’s math that was never completely mastered, which provides students a BASIC review of the prerequisite material before they enter the next grade level, all the way up to Pre-Calculus.  Essentially our summer programs are designed to prevent summer learning loss, and will give your student the math skills needed to succeed in their upcoming school year.

  • Email us at [email protected], OR [email protected]/[email protected] or call us at 203-691-9557, OR TEXT at: 203-512-2347 to learn more or to enroll now in our Greater New Haven Math Online  Academy Summer Programs, so you can put your student’s best foot forward in math well before classes begin. We’ll help your student embark on their best school year yet!

Our Experienced Instructors


Has a BS in Physics. A very patient and compassionate Instructor and is  exceptional in teaching Math to all students and Physics & SAT/ACT Prep to high school students. 


A retired Systems Engineer with a passion for teaching Math and Chess to students of all ages. 


Graduated from Boston University and has a graduate degree from NYU. Loves to break complex concepts down for students and help them excel, succeed and enhance their math skills.


A UCONN student who loves to teach and explain math so that it makes sense to students.


Greater New Haven Math Online Academy
Greater New Haven Math Online Academy
Greater New Haven Math Online Academy
Greater New Haven Math Online Academy


To avoid leaving us a voice message or forcing us to play "phone tag", Please SCHEDULE a call with us at a specific time for either: [1] A short 5-minute meeting to "LEARN MORE" quick details about our GNH-MOAcademy -OR- [2] A longer 15-30-minute "CONSULTATION" on how we can help your student.

ALTERNATIVELY,Tell us about your student, by filling out our form below and submit it, or call us directly and leave a message, if we are busy teaching.  We will be in touch with you ASAP to discuss your student’s needs. We’ll show you how we can help them achieve their GOALS and get the desired RESULTS that you BOTH want.

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