We Offer TEST PREP for the SAT, ACT, ISEE, SSAT, and other Standardized Tests. Below is a synopsis of our SAT PROGRAM

GNH Math Online Academy’s SAT Math Prep Program

Prepare using the GNH Math Online Academy Way

  • We use a thorough assessment that shows specific area of strength and weakness. Results will help design a student plan to address weaknesses in the area covered by the SAT.  Plan will help student to develop skills to tackle every question.

  • An individual program designed around student needs will maximize their scores on the math portion of the exam. 

  • Math taught in a way that makes sense

  • Our test taking strategies, tips and practice exams are not available anywhere else.

  • With enough time and supervised practice to master the concepts and following our program will ensure high scores for the student.

  • Progress reports based on results of practice exams

  • Goal setting in line with college and university expectations       

  • Flexible and convenient scheduling

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The SAT is required for admittance to most colleges and universities. It is given over 3 hours and 45 minutes and is divided into three sections: critical reading, writing, and mathematics.

The 70-minute  mathematics section covers basic arithmetic, algebra, and geometry skills. It is comprised of 3sections, with a possible 4th experimental section that isn’t graded.



The purpose of the SAT is to test logical reasoning and critical thinking skills. Instead of directly testing basic arithmetic, algebra, and geometry, the SAT takes it to the next level.

The examiners are looking to challenge normal thought processes and test adaptability to problems that are presented in unfamiliar and confusing ways. They want to see whether college applicants can find solutions by thinking creatively and “outside the box.” This requires a thorough and cross-disciplinary understanding of basic mathematical principles that can be applied towards solving unusual problems elegantly.


Greater New Haven Math Academy’s SAT PROGRAM

We’ve developed our SAT Math Prep Program to give students the individual attention they need to maximize their score on the math portion of the exam. Each student will come away from an initial assessment with a plan to address weaknesses in the areas covered by the SAT and develop skills to tackle every question. Coupled with test strategies and tips, regular practice exams, and progress reports, Greater New Haven Math Academy’s SAT Math Prep Program is superior to other approaches. Provided adequate time is given to prepare for the exam.

we are confident that students’ scores will improve after following our program.


ACE THE TEST with OUR SAT, ACT, ISEE Program Offerings

1-“Flexible Month (4 week)” enrollment options with 4, 6, 8, or 12 hourly sessions per month.

(Unused hours expire at the end of the month.)


2-“Block-Hours” enrollment options of 5, 10 or 20 Hour Blocks with 40%-60% discount off registration and assessment fee.

 (Hourly Blocks expire 3 months from enrollment, i.e. purchase date.)


3- We also offer a SAT/ACT PREP 8-week @ 2 hourly sessions/week  SUMMER PROGRAM. For a student who has completed Algebr-1, Geometry, and Algebr-2, the actual average prep time for the SAT/ACT is about 12-13 weeks (longer if the student did not take Algebra-2)